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If REPORT_TYPE1 = 1 Then
	    Str_Path = "D:\REPORTS\Batch_Rpt\"
	End If 
	If REPORT_TYPE2 = 1 Then
		Str_Path = "D:\REPORTS\Custom_Rpt\"
	End If
Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

	'deleting file
	Set temp_files = FSO.GetFolder("D:\REPORTS\temp\").Files
	For Each file In temp_files
		path = file
		Kill path

' Define folder we want to list files from

	Set RPT_Folder = FSO.GetFolder(Str_Path)
	Set R_Files = RPT_Folder.Files

What I have tried:

"deleting file" part is working properly.
Updated 6-Feb-23 9:36am
CHill60 6-Feb-23 9:48am    
"not working" is the least helpful thing we get told. What is happening (or not happening)
Andre Oosthuizen 6-Feb-23 9:53am    
If the "deleting file" is working fine, what is NOT working then. We cannot see your screen to determine where the error is, you need to tell us what is happening where and when.
prashant.rao11 6-Feb-23 9:55am    
"Application defined or object defined error" this error msg is showing in runtime at line "Set RPT_Folder = FSO.GetFolder(Str_Path)"
prashant.rao11 6-Feb-23 9:57am    
i think GetFolder method is not taking the path saved in object Str_Path
Richard Deeming 6-Feb-23 10:06am    
More likely that you haven't set any value in Str_Path. Try stepping through your code and examining the values in your three variables: Str_Path, REPORT_TYPE1, and REPORT_TYPE2.

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