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I have updated Visual Studio 2019 from 16.6.1 version to 16.11.23 version. The update operation was finished successfully. When I want to run my MVC project in Debug mode, nothing happens. No error is displayed, the app is not running. What do I have to do to make it work?

What I have tried:

I have updated Visual Studio 2019 from 16.6.1 version to 16.11.23 version.
Updated 26-Jan-23 1:50am

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You do know that the current version is VS2022 17.4.4?

As for why it does not run, there is not enough information supplied. Try closing VS, then manually deleting the OBJ, BIN, and .VS folders. Restart and do a clean build. Check that you have the correct project set for startup in the solution.
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DrgIonuţ 26-Jan-23 8:16am    
I have installed VS2022 17.4.4 but I have the same problem.
I deleted OBJ, BIN, and .VS folders, restarted VS and tried to run the app. But it doesn't start. I created a new project in VS 2019, 16.11.23 version, and I couldn't run it. It's happening the same thing.
Graeme_Grant 26-Jan-23 8:22am    
Does not tell me anything.

Try setting a breakpoint a the start of your code and step. The other is Debug > Windows > Exception settings > Tick "Common Language Runtime Exceptions".

The other possibility is trying to update controls from another thread - this can crash your app without any exceptions thrown. This could make your app appear not to start. The breakpoint suggestion will help identify this.
DrgIonuţ 26-Jan-23 9:52am    
I managed to solve it by repairing the *&$^*&$^&* Microsoft Edge. Thank you very much for your time and effort.
DrgIonuţ 26-Jan-23 9:21am    
My app was running well before updating VS2019. I didn't understand what you meant by "update controls from another thread".
Dave Kreskowiak 26-Jan-23 11:28am    
Is your project set as the "Startup Project"? Right-click your MVC project in Solution Explorer and pick "Set as Startup Project".

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