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There are many ways to convert SINGLE ASCII to hex...
how about converting this

ASCII ((QString) "42" to

two 8 bit word(s) "42" ?

What I have tried:

This is over my head...I have no idea how to approach this issue ( and just filling the required number of characters here....
Updated 23-Jan-23 8:22am

Do you mean something similar to
#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
using namespace std;

std::string to_hex(std::string s )
  std::ostringstream oss;

  for (auto c: s)
    oss << std::hex << (unsigned int) c;
  return oss.str();

int main()
  std::string s{"foo"};
  std::cout << s << ", " << to_hex(s) << std::endl;

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Simple: take each Ascii character numeral and subract '0' - that will give you a value between 0 and 9.
char num[] = "42";
int val = (num[0] - '0') * 10 + (num[1] - '0');
Will give you the value 42.
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Yount_0701 24-Jan-23 21:06pm    
how about strtol, but the return value is an 8 bytes datatype(long). Anyway the two-byte variable also has an overflow risk.

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