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customers who want this application do not want their databases to be online and therefore would prefer to have them locally.

What I have tried:

ho cercato per parecchio tempo ma nessuno ha una risposta
Updated 10-Jan-23 4:03am

No. Web apps run in a sandbox in the browser and have no direct access to the client computer filesystem for security reasons.

And your server has even less access!

You would have to write a client native application, which could access the local DB - but if you wanted that to communicate with anything online, that gets complicated. Not impossible, but certainly not trivial.
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If every user of the site will have their own completely separate database, then you may be able to use the IndexDB API:

IndexedDB API - Web APIs | MDN[^]

However, this will be tied to a specific browser. For example, a user who uses your site to create a database in Chrome would not be able to switch to Edge or Firefox without losing their data.
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