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Hi i am learning blazor and am stuck in some point.I have an edit form having functionality to add multiple image for a record.How can i merge list of images and other data as a single paylod. i have rough code with me but dont know how to create a model for these two list.i will have add/remove selected image also in i can get one single paylods in HandleSubmit(submit btn click mtd) methode? how can i create a model class for these?

What I have tried:

<EditForm Model="@characters" OnValidSubmit="HandleSubmit">
    <MudNumericField Label="Id" @bind-Value="" For="@(() =>"></MudNumericField>
    <MudTextField Label="Name" @bind-Value="character.Name" For="@(() => character.Name)" />
    <MudTextField Label="Bio" @bind-Value="character.Bio" For="@(() => character.Bio)" />
    <MudDatePicker Label="Birth Date" @bind-Date="character.BirthDate" />
    <br />
    <InputFile id="fileInput" OnChange="OnFilesChanged" hidden multiple />
    <MudButton HtmlTag="label"
        Upload Images
    <br />

code file

private async Task OnFilesChanged(InputFileChangeEventArgs e)
    var maxAllowedFiles = 3000;

    var format = "image/png";

    foreach (var imageFile in e.GetMultipleFiles(maxAllowedFiles))
        var resizedImageFile = await imageFile.RequestImageFileAsync(format,
            100, 100);
        var buffer = new byte[resizedImageFile.Size];
        await resizedImageFile.OpenReadStream().ReadAsync(buffer);
        var imageDataUrl =

        Medias.Add(new MediaVariantUI
            Content = buffer,
            ImageDataUrl = imageDataUrl,
            ContentType = imageFile.ContentType,
            Name = imageFile.Name,
            Size = imageFile.Size,
Updated 7-Jan-23 11:43am

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