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I have the following code

for(int i=0;i<n;i++){
				printf("Please enter the item %d\t", i+1);
				 printf("\nPlease enter the quantity:\t");
				 printf("\nPlease enter the unit price:\t");

What I have tried:

i think fgetc removed enter from scan command but why doesn't it happen with the loop after replacing it with %.2f
Updated 20-Dec-22 7:13am

You cannot use a precision size for an input field like that, it only has meaning when displaying the value. See Format specification fields: scanf and wscanf functions | Microsoft Learn[^] for complete details.
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In addition to watch Richard wrote, scanf can be a problematic function. You are already calling fgets and it is better function to use for acquiring input. You can convert strings to numeric values with atoi[^] and atof[^]. You can also easily adapt your code to read input from a file instead of stdin if you want to and that can make your testing go much faster and easier. You can do that be first calling fopen[^] to open the file. This documentation for fgets[^] has a snippet of code that opens a text file and reads lines of text from it. If you add the for loop you already have and its code then you are ready to go.
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