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I gave the method to be called by another person through ocelot, you need to insert json to this method


      "DownstreamPathTemplate": "/api/ClientPortalApi/ClientRequest_ISOOFER?contractDate={contractDate}",
      "UpstreamHttpMethod": [ "Get" ],
      "DownstreamScheme": "http",
      "DownstreamHostAndPorts": [
          "Host": "",
          "Port": 80
      "UpstreamPathTemplate": "/ContractShortening/IsOffer/{contractDate}"

encoded json

First way - his try (another person)


and it dont work - 404 from another company / 400 if I try

What I have tried:

Second way - I try"contractNumber"%3a+"22%2f0546%2f21"%2c%0d%0a++"month"%3a+10%2c%0d%0a++"year"%3a+2022%0d%0a%7d

and it work - i add

//-- so

is the way it passes the json to the method wrong?

can anything be done better here?

should I give them this code?


should i do something different?
Updated 20-Dec-22 8:44am
Richard Deeming 19-Dec-22 4:56am    
We have no idea what the receiving code looks like. But passing a JSON document in the URL seems like a very bad idea. Aside from all the encoding issues, you could quickly bust the "maximum URL length" settings on your server, on in the browser.

Why not use a POST or PUT request instead?

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