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<(3) ['123-456', '123', '456', index: 0, input: '123-456-7890', groups: undefined]


// expecting 123-456

What I have tried:

I tried in different way but it don't work
Updated 16-Dec-22 2:01am
Mike Hankey 16-Dec-22 7:59am    
Another good link I found a while back, don't remember where for learning RegEx;

1 solution

It's not at all clear what you're trying to do, but your input clearly doesn't match the second pattern.

Your first pattern matches any three digits, followed by a "-", followed by any other three digits.

Your second patter matches any three digits, followed by a "-", followed by the same three digits again.

There are two possible places a match could occur: 123-456 and 456-789. Neither of those repeat the same three digits, so neither is a match for your second expression.

You need to read up about how regular expressions work:
Regular expressions - JavaScript | MDN[^]

And if you're going to be working with regular expressions, get yourself a copy of Expresso:
Download Expresso[^]
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