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so, I was on visual studios making a C++ console app, and I was looking for a code/way to make a server client console app, basically I want my console app to both be server and client
send data over the internet with an object or from its memory address, or at least make the memory address or add, what I mean by that is, I'm trying the console app the same server and same client but with different
address and port if u were the choose from, first off. I want the server side to type start or host, and when it starts the network of the program for people to join. it will
start eh address and port for people to join your console app to chat, and when u type in connect with the address or port u choose to join from, it goes across the network to join the
right network, if it gets wrong it will stop the program of the client side and lets u try again

What I have tried:

the problem is i dont know a code or where to start to make the console app, for example how do i make it join by address and port or gets an error if it doest match the address
or port your trying to put in, feel free to ask questions or mistakes i make in this post
Updated 14-Dec-22 22:18pm
Rick York 14-Dec-22 22:48pm    
Google will give you a lot more information far faster than asking questions at this site will.
DF.EX 14-Dec-22 23:11pm    
are you sure, and if so can u find me a link?
Dave Kreskowiak 14-Dec-22 23:14pm    
What do you think Google is for?
DF.EX 14-Dec-22 23:15pm    
well thats the point, i cant find it anywhere lol
Daniel Pfeffer 15-Dec-22 2:24am    
Any basic tutorial on network protocols will have a similar example. I suggest searching for "Internet Protocol Tutorial" or "UDP protocol tutorial".

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DF.EX 15-Dec-22 8:14am    
thx so much
Richard MacCutchan 15-Dec-22 8:28am    
Maybe you need to update your Google skills.

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