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create table customer(
CMobile_no       int ,
Customer_id       int,
Customer_Address  varchar(20),
Fname        varchar(20),
Minit        varchar(20),
Lname        varchar(20),
Customer_id2    int,
constraint customer_pk
primary key (Customer_id2),


create table Buysfrom(
Cid int,
  Bid int,

 Hrs  int,
 primary key (Cid,Bid),

 Constraint customer_Buys_pk
 foreign key (Cid) references customer(Customer_id2),
 constraint Branch_Buys_fk
 foreign key (Bid)references Branch(Branch_id),


error is in customer_id2 in buys from

The error message is as follow:
foreign key customer buys pk referenced invalid coloumn customer_id2 in refrenced table customer

What I have tried:

change customer_id2 in table customer but it doesnot affect any thing
Updated 6-Dec-22 19:54pm

Sigh. Just read the error message. It's telling you the column "customer_id2" doesn't exist in the "customer" table. What you do about that depends on what you called the primary key column in the "customer" table.
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If I run your two queries in the order you present them unchanged, I get an error related to the Branch table, which doesn't exist.

So your error indicates that you ran the second code first, and the first code second - so the table referenced in the second code didn't exist yet.

SQL will not let you "forward reference" tables: it doesn't "know" that you will create the table later and so complains that the data integrity cannot be maintained.
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