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I have create clothing store database and I have made a disjoint table for Employees the employee is divided into vendor, customer service, Inventory representative I am a little bit confused for their special attribute so any recommendation concerning that

What I have tried:

special attribute for vendor is ability to negotiate
Updated 28-Apr-23 0:58am
PIEBALDconsult 6-Dec-22 13:58pm    
Sounds like a homework assignment.
Otherwise, you're putting the cart before the horse. If you already had the attributes, you would know what strategy makes sense. In this case you seem to have decided on a strategy before you know the attributes. And that will lead only to failure.
Member 15627495 7-Dec-22 1:51am    
you can have 'boolean' fields in a table.


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I think the structure is pretty straightforward. I'd have Occupation table with such fields as Id, Name, etc. The contents are vendor, customer service etc. And Employeetable which holds a reference to OccupationId.
If I understood your question correctly for some reason this structure doesn't suit you since you want to place it into a single table with columns like IsVendor, IsCustomerService but I can't see any advantage in such a structure since you might expect fairly big number of occupations and thus fairly big number of columns
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