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Basically, I have a dataset with car models and I need a bar graph where the highest review count of 20 car brands should be displayed in the bar graph!

I have tried this below code but I am getting all the brand models from the dataset I need only the top 20 highest review count car brands in the bar graph.

Used Dataset:

What I have tried:
x_zoom = np.linspace(-1, 1, 50)
y_zoom = np.sin(x_zoom)['car_name'], Data['reviews_count'])
plt.xlabel("car name")
plt.ylabel("Review Count") 
OriginalGriff 22-Nov-22 4:22am    
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Richard MacCutchan 22-Nov-22 4:37am    
You need to add a filter, or sort, to extract the top 20 before you pass them to the plot.

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