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Good morning, does anyone know how to do it? artificial intelligence press a key on my keyboard when there is a specific icon or image in a certain program and that it can also repeat it in a loop and add multiple icons (image) as an example: when I see icon 1 I press x, if I see icon 2 I press a, if I see icon 3 I press f IMPORTANT DETAIL that artificial intelligence does everything step by step example: I see icon 1 I press x, I see icon 2 I press a, it should be like this The information of keys pressed must be given with their respective icon to avoid confusion (I see icon 1 I press x at the same time) # so it should not be one step at a time (I see icon 2 I press) I am going to upload a video of how I want the icons to be pressed by highlighting in the video with the word icon [Video example]

What I wanted you to help me with is a code that detects the icons that appear in this video highlighted with the word icon

and that whenever you see them press the ai keys on the keyboard in qwerty order or an order specified in the response, eg icon 1: q icon 2: w etc, I already know which icon is 1 2 etc. simply in the order in which it appears in the video or at least help me with a code that only presses a key on my keyboard when I see an icon in the video there is a link to the reference of the icons or go to the channel or search for pythoncarlos < /pre>
*in Python language*
if someone does something like this please help me

my contact email: [DELETED]

from pyautogui import *
import pyautogui
import time
import keyboard
import random
import win32api, win32con


def click(x,y):

#Color of center: (255, 219, 195)

while keyboard.is_pressed('q') == False:
    flag = 0
    pic = pyautogui.screenshot(region=(983,813,370,100))

    width, height = pic.size

    for x in range(0, 255, 5):
        for y in range(0, 99, 5):

            r, g, b = pic.getpixel((x, y))

            if b == 121 and r == 0 and g == 118:
                flag = 1
                click(x+983, y+813)


        if flag == 1:

something like the code that I have but it only detects one image at a time and for my project I need it to see an image and then wait to see another and so with all the icons and logically with each icon seen by pressing a key in difference that my code just clicks and for each icon there should be a 2 second delay which my code doesn't have

What I have tried:

I tried everything looking for information but nothing worked
Updated 22-Nov-22 21:33pm
Richard Deeming 22-Nov-22 4:36am    
"What I wanted you to help me with is a code ..."

Then you've come to the wrong site. Whilst we're happy to help you fix problems with code you have written, nobody here is going to write the code for you.

There are plenty of sites where you can hire someone to write code for you. This is not one of them.

If you want someone to help you fix your code, then you need to show the relevant parts of your code any clearly explain what is wrong with it.

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