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Add a function to that will ask the child to provide a name for the robot.

Store this name so it can be used later.

Have the robot print Hello to the child in python?

What I have tried:

def robot_start():
    """This is the entry function, do not change"""
    Toy_name = input("What do you want to name your robot? ") 
    print("HAL: Hello "+Toy_name)

def get_command_input():
    input("What do you want to name your bot? ") 
Updated 21-Nov-22 0:26am
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 18-Nov-22 14:34pm    
You are asking for the input, but you are not storing the input value.

Your question is unclear.
Richard MacCutchan 19-Nov-22 4:54am    
Why are you asking the same question in two different places?

1 solution

def robot_start():
    toy_name = get_toy_name()
    print("HAL: Hello " + toy_name)

def get_toy_name():
    return input("What do you want to name your robot? ")
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