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i have to write a program to print me if the imput is 1,3,5 something..if it is 2,4,6 something else..i wrote this :

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
    int a , b , c ,d ;
    scanf("%d %d %d %d" , &a ,&b , &c , &d);
    printf("American feminine citizen");
    printf("Foreign citizen masculine");

My question is if i wrote correctly those values in those parantheses .

What I have tried:

I searched the internet but i find solution for another similar questions
Updated 10-Nov-22 5:26am

The statement :
is not valid C syntax. You probably want any of those values to be a true condition so you need to an OR comparison using the || operator. That will look like this :
if( ( a == 1 ) || ( a == 3 ) || ( a == 5 ) )
I inserted spaces and parenthesis so it is clearer and does not rely on precedence.
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Bogdan Alexandru Oct2022 10-Nov-22 10:54am    
ohh ok.Thank you
Firstly, "=" is an assignment operator, not a comparison. Equality is tesed for with "==" instead.

Secondly, you need the AND or OR operator: && or ||
a AND b is true only if both conditions a and b are true - otherwise it returns false
a OR b is true only if either condition a and b are true - it returns false only if both are false.
For example:
if (a == 1 && b == 2 && c == 3)
If this isn't what you meant, then you need to explain in a lot more detail exactly what you need!
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Spend some time reading Elements of C | Microsoft Learn[^] as you seem to be missing the basics of the language.
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There are several options. If you cannot combine numbers to a range, the switch-case statement is recommended.
switch(a) {
  case 1:
  case 3:
  case 5:
    printf("American feminine citizen");
  switch(b) {
   case 2:
   case 4:
   case 6:
    printf("Foreign citizen masculine");
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