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I have a code which I am trying to open different files from different folders and use those files to plot a graph. I am using askdirectory in tkinter and storing the filenames into a listbox.
<        def ask():
            global path
            path = filedialog.askdirectory() # select directory 
            statusbar1.config(text=path) # update the text of Label with directory path 
            x=next(os.walk(path))[2] # list of files 
            for each_item in range(len(x)):          
                listb.insert(tk.END, x[each_item])
                listb.itemconfig(each_item, bg = "#8c92ac",fg= "#161327")> "> 
Then I want to choose a filename from the listbox and use the content to plot a graph.

        def paths_selected():
            global paths,spectrum_data, xaxis, var, path, filenames
            filenames = [listb.get(i) for i in listb.curselection()]>

What I have tried:
Function "paths_selected" is operated by a button (browse). This will populate the listbox from files from any folder everytime I click the browse button. But I can only use files from one directory to plot the graph. I want to be able to choose a file from a different directory and use both files to plot the graph. Any ideas of how to do that?
Richard MacCutchan 29-Oct-22 3:53am    
You could use two listboxes, or do two calls to askdirectory and store the complete path in the listbox.
Member 15813275 30-Oct-22 10:21am    
Is there a way to use the same listbox? Because eventually I would like to navigate through directories and use files from anywhere. Not essentially just two. Thanks

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