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I have form with picture in its background.(so I cant do methods that use filling background by color for erasing line).
I have drawing multiple lines with clicking bottoms and I need to clear some of them. I used drawline method.
also invalidate() or clear() doesn't work properly.
the below picture show what I explained, on clicking next bottom, the red circle lines should clear and new ones should draw.
q1.png - Google Drive[^]

What I have tried:

I have used invalidate() but it work with bog.
sometimes when clicking, the lines disappear.
Updated 20-Oct-22 8:32am
Richard MacCutchan 20-Oct-22 12:40pm    
Probably some secret error in your secret code. But since we cannot see any of it we cannot make any suggestions.
Dave Kreskowiak 20-Oct-22 13:19pm    
The generic answer to this problem is to invalidate the control you're drawing on so you can repaint everything, EXCEPT the line you're removing.

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Presumably, you are drawing directly onto the Image: if so, you can't "undo" lines even if you drew them because they become a permanent part of the picture - just as a child scrawling glasses and a moustache on your wedding photos with a biro makes permanent changes to it.

And the solutions to your problem are the same as for the wedding photo:
1) Replace the corrupted image with a fresh copy of the original, and draw the other lines back onto it.
2) Put a film (or sheet of glass) over the top of the photo so you can wipe it clean and draw the other lines back onto it. In C#, that means handling the Paint event for the display control, and every single time it is invalidated, you redraw the current set of lines. Then when you want to remove a line, you remove it from the "to draw" collection, and invalidate the control.
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Ali Valizadegan 21-Oct-22 3:07am    
can you give a simple example code with two bottoms and a background image, when a bottom pressed a line appear and on press of other bottom the last line erase and new one draw and vise versa??
OriginalGriff 21-Oct-22 3:57am    
No, because I'm not here to do your job for you and I don't get paid for it either! :laugh:
You are a developer, and this isn't complicated: just think about exactly what you are trying to do, and read what I said again. It is pretty basic stuff!

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