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Hi there,
I have an M3U file and it's usually formatted likes this:


#EXTINF:-1, tvg-name="NAME 1" tvg-logo="LOGO" group-title="TITLE 1",ITEM 1

#EXTINF:-1, tvg-name="NAME 2" tvg-logo="LOGO" group-title="TITLE 2",ITEM 2

#EXTINF:-1, tvg-name="NAME 3" tvg-logo="LOGO" group-title="TITLE 3",ITEM 3

#EXTINF:-1, tvg-name="NAME 4" tvg-logo="LOGO" group-title="TITLE 4",ITEM 4

Number of empty lines mostly are not the same. I'm going to split these Items and remove spaces between them to have an item (without spaces) on each array. What's the best way to do it using String or regex?

What I have tried:

string[] separatingStrings = { "#EXTINF", "..." };

allItems = text.Split(separatingStrings, System.StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);<pre>

I've used this code, but "#EXTINF" is removed from arrays and empty lines are also included.
Updated 9-Oct-22 18:38pm

A newline isn't an empty entry because any empty entry is an empty string: one which contains no characters at all. Newline is a character (or two characters on some systems) so it doesn't get removed.
Try adding a newline to your separating strings collection.
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I prefer use LINQ for this

var objects = myString.Split(',')
.Where(x => !string.IsNullOrEmpty(x))
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Richard Deeming 11-Oct-22 8:50am    
That's particularly inefficient. Even with a tiny input string, a quick benchmark shows it takes over twice as long as RemoveEmptyEntries in .NET 6, and over 2.5x as long in .NET Framework. It also allocates almost 1.5x the memory.

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