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I changed the module in nodejs, from commonjs to the ES6 module, which changes from require to import. but when I run npx sequelize db:mirgate has an error.

What I have tried:

I have tried to change the requires in the node_modules/umzug/lib/migration.js folder. but it doesn't solve anything. anyone who knows, please help. thanks
Richard Deeming 3-Oct-22 4:34am    
There's a secret error somewhere in your secret code. You need to fix that.

Seriously, nobody can help you fix an error we can't see in code we can't see running on a server we can't access. If you want help, you're going to need to add a lot more detail to your question - the relevant parts of your code, the full details of the error(s) you're getting, etc.
xdendix 3-Oct-22 22:37pm    
How do I add a picture to this column? Sorry, I'm a new user.
Richard Deeming 4-Oct-22 3:29am    
You don't. If you can't explain your problem without resorting to posting blurry screen-shots of your code and/or error message, then nobody can help you.

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