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Hi have a requirement to insert new values when needed in JSON file.
I used to get the new data and need to insert existing json file. If "Honda", "toyota" doesn't exists, need to create and insert new values. If exists need to add new values under respective fields.

sample json file:
	"City": "NYC",
	"Make": [{
		"Honda": [{
			"Model": "Accord",
			"Made": "2009",
			"Mileage": 120000
		}, {
			"Model": "Civic",
			"Made": "2017",
			"port": 12000

		"Toyota": {
			"Model": "Camry",
			"Made": "2011",
			"Mileage": 18000

		"Kia": {
			"Model": "Telluride ",
			"Made": "2019",
			"Mileage": 11000

sampleDict = json.loads(dict1)
if 'City' in sampleDict:
    if 'Make' in sampleDict('City'):
        <not sure how to insert the data here>

What I have tried:

I am new to python, and could not able to figure it out.
Updated 15-Sep-22 0:59am

json.loads reads the file into a dictionary: json.loads() in Python - GeeksforGeeks[^]
So all you need to do is add treh new data to that: Python Adding Items in a Dictionary[^]
And save the json back to a file: json.dumps() in Python - GeeksforGeeks[^]
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Richard MacCutchan 15-Sep-22 4:16am    
The loads and dumps functions are for processing strings; load and dump are for reading/writing files.
The "Make" item is a list of dictionaries, so you just create a new dictionary with the appropriate keys, and add it to the list. Similarly the "Honda" item is a list of dictionaries, so you can add more models to its list. However, "Toyota" and "Kia" are simple dictionaries rather than lists so you would need to convert them to lists in order to add more models.

You can use the code below to help see the structure of the items:
print('\n   Keys:', sampleDict.keys())
print('\nMake[0]:', sampleDict['Make'][0])
print('\n Toyota:', sampleDict['Make'][0]['Toyota'])
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