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Hello All,

I need help to display chinese characters in my VB6 application.

I have a file that contains my text strings and corresponding chinese characters, please see the following:


Pipe symbol seperates the two

I have a form with four buttons

OK, This has the caption OK
FAIL, This has the caption FAIL
BACKUP, This has the caption BACKUP
ABORT, This has the caption ABORT

I have a routine that will search for the caption on the button to get the corresponding chinese to display.

I am having two problems:

1. I see ? mixed in with the chinese characters

2. The chinese displayed is not the same as in the file.

I set my regional setting on both my Windows 7 PC and my Windows 10 PC to (Chinese Traditional Taiwan) and the

I changed the following on both my Windows 7 PC and my Windows 10 PC

(Chinese Traditional Taiwan)


Current System Local:
(Chinese Traditional Taiwan)

I changed the Font to use

@Microsoft JhengHei and Script to Chinese Big5

Please advise

What I have tried:

Searches all ovre the internet
Updated 23-Aug-22 19:35pm
Gerry Schmitz 23-Aug-22 21:16pm    
That font is not on my Windows 10 system; so anyone who doesn't can't help you much.

1 solution

Unfortunately, this is an English site, so most of the membership can't read Chinese - which wis what Google Translate says your text is - and as a result, we do not have the font you refer to installed - though "Microsoft JhengHei" is available on my system, and using it shows no problems via either Notepad or C# code.

VB 6 is ancient: it was superseded over 20 years ago! It's native IO functions are even older, and read ANSI data not Unicode: so your file (which is Unicode) won't read correctly as Chinese characters don't exist in the 8 bit ANSI set.

You can get round that: Stream Object (ADO) - ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) | Microsoft Docs[^] is Unicode aware, and I suspect that using that will solve your problem.

But a better solution would be to move to a more modern language: you are almost certain to come up against this and other related problems if you continue developing with ancient software!
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