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I built a UserControl (TagSelect) on the assumption that I could use it multiple times on the same window.
My assumption was based on the idea that each new use of the UC would instantiate a new TagSelect object of the class. Is this a correct assumption? It looks like this is not correct.
Before going into further detail at this point, can anyone point me to a reference for issues or approaches to reusing a UC multiple times in a window.
This particular one is to be used in a DataGridRow Column. So it will be used many times.

What I have tried:

I have read everything I can find and no clear answer.
Updated 6-Aug-22 11:21am

Unless you write the control specifically for the purpose, yes, every time you use the control it's a new instance.

Beyond that, you're going to have to give a lot more detail about what you're doing, what the problem is, and the code you've used.
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hardover 5-Aug-22 16:37pm    
Thank you for your response. I realize more detail is required. I will soon post a simplified example of what I am seeing. I would appreciate our input at that time.
hardover 5-Aug-22 18:13pm    
Dave K, what is the best way to get a description and the code so you can see it? I have a .RAR file with the VS solution and in is a doc the describes intent and results. I don't see a way to attach a file to the question.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Aug-22 12:47pm    
You hover over your question and click "Improve question", then post the relevant code in PRE tags. There is no facility to upload any files, and, frankly, I wouldn't trust any such files enough to download them.
OK. I have solved this issue and everything does work as I assumed.

The issue here was that old standard - Doh

I carefully created a new list for each instance of the UC, but loaded it with old objects instead of new ones.

Should have found it a lot sooner

Thank you for the time you wasted and the willingness to help
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