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Hi there,

I have the following problem and would be extremely grateful for help:

I have a rule set up on Outlook to redirect all emails coming in from a specific email address. 

However, I cannot set it to redirect the email to all the people in my distribution list named "Lecturers". In addition, I want the redirection to be BCC (due to spam issues).

Thank you very much for your help.

What I have tried:

I found the following VBA macro as an idea, but didn't solve the problem:

Sub SendEmails(mail as MailItem)
  Dim ContactsFolder As Folder
  Set ContactsFolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts)
  Dim objMail as MailItem
  Dim Contact As Object

  For Each Contact In ContactsFolder.Items
     Set objMail = olApp.CreateItem(olMailItem)
     With objMail
       .Subject = mail.Subject
       .Body = "Body Text"
       .To = Contact.Email1Address
     End With
End Sub
CHill60 4-Aug-22 11:46am    
Give more detail. Why doesn't it solve the problem and why couldn't you set up the rule?
thankssforhelp 4-Aug-22 12:12pm    
The rule on Outlook provides that you cannot select a distribution list or contact list as the address for redirection, you have to specify all recipients emails individually. However, I would like to be able to specify a distribution list directly, since it is constantly changing.

Also, I want all recipients of the redirected email to be in the BCC, otherwise the mails will not even land on the server due to SPAM filters.

Since I am not an expert in this area, I have tried various vba macros from other forums, but have not yet been able to arrive at a solution because my case was not covered.
Richard Deeming 5-Aug-22 8:40am    
This is a site for help with writing code, not a general Microsoft Office support site.

Adding a VBA macro which is completely unrelated to your requirement doesn't make this a question we can help you with.

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