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I have data that I import to an Excel spreadsheet. Age is reported as "GENERAL" with the green indicator noting that the number is stored as a text. I would like to convert the entire column of ages to a NUMBER format. Should be easy!

Manual attempts to reformat as a NUMBER fails with the green indicator still appearing. The number still behaves as text. There is no apostrophe preceding the number.

Attempts at reformatting as CUSTOM ###0 also fails to remove the text formatting.

Using the Green indicator box and converting text to number does work, but I want to fix the entire column via VBA code, in order to perform operations on many rows of data.

This VBA code has no effect:

Range("H2:H" & Last_Row).Select
Selection.NumberFormat = "#,##0"

Any ideas how to do this? Does the report change the sheet to where the text is somehow sticky?


What I have tried:

Range("H2:H" & Last_Row).Select
        Selection.NumberFormat = "#,##0"
Updated 29-Jul-22 9:33am

1 solution

Since you're using VBA, you can iterate over every value in the column and then simply convert the string to a int.

See the following for converting the value :[^]

check out this code (in an image snapshot) [^] that shows how to iterate over rows & even shows how to format each cell. It may help.
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