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Hi guys,
As you know , some of the headers in widows are different with linux.
So i could nt run my C code in linux Fedora.
Please guide me, how can i write that left click of the mouse press down and press up in C .
Which header i have to use ?
And what code i have to write?

Thank you

What I have tried:

I have used Windows.h and winuser as header but doesnt work.
I used code: input mouse event
Updated 24-Jan-23 5:50am
Dave Kreskowiak 25-Jul-22 10:16am    
If you're using windows.h, you're not using C#.

So which is it? C or C#? The two languages are nowhere close to being the same.
Member 15527623 25-Jul-22 10:22am    
C is correct
Richard MacCutchan 25-Jul-22 11:22am    
You need to use a framework that can run Windows code on a Linux OS, or rework your code to use one of the available supported GUI libraries (GTK, Qt, opencv etc.).

1 solution

I don't know how to write any of the code, but I do have an idea of how you can approach the problem:
Get the user input, if it matches the mouse button your looking for, go onto a while loop which is while the mouse button is held down, call a click function which, surprisingly, clicks. Some pseudo-code below.

// gets user input
int input = get_user_input();
// for mouse
if(input == MOUSE_BUTTON_LEFT)
    // runs while mouse button is held down
    while(get_user_input(MOUSE_BUTTON_LEFT) == BUTTON_PRESS)
        // this function makes a click
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