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What does it take to get objects placed on the form, where and how I want them?? How do I lessen the choices that Visual Studio gets to make??
It seems every time I place an object on my form, its location is RANDOM. What I want--is irrelevant!!
Sometimes, Visual Studio will overlay existing objects, move existing objects around or just out-right REFUSE to place the object at all! All of which, forces me to take even MORE time, trying to get the form back to its original state!!!
I feel like I'm raising a current-day TEENAGER!!
Are there any development TOOLS available (preferably, NON-microsoft based), for assistance in FORMS design?? My blood pressure is way TOO HIGH--to go through "it" by the numbers with microsoft!!!
I don't know who started this fad, whereby microsoft applications perform "automatic" actions, based on various scenarios, but it would far more helpful--if these "automatic" actions were what the user WANTED!!! Since nine times out of ten, these "actions" have to be undone (for the most part--it's because this/these action(s) is/are NOT what the user wants. Case-in-point: Try adding a hyperlink to your form. I'll be willing to bet, that the font style and size WILL BE changed--whether you want them to or not!!!)

What I have tried:

Creating multiple forms, until one mistakenly decides to cooperate
Updated 20-Jul-22 6:30am
Dave Kreskowiak 20-Jul-22 12:34pm    
Ignoring your rant entirely, NO there are no other design tools for Windows Forms.

Nobody will write any because MS already has that covered and did a pretty good job at it.

I have no such problem: I want a control on the form, I drag a control and drop it on the actual form. Where I drop it relative to the top left corner - that's where it goes. If I want it in a container (such as a panel) I highlight the container, and drag and drop it there. Again, relative to the top left of the container, that';s where it stays.

If it needs fine tuning I can move it by dragging, by manually altering the Location property, or by highlighting the control and using the keyboard.

The only time it goes in a different place is when it aligns the control to a margin or a similar control - and holding the ALT key down overrides that.

So what am I doing that is different to you?
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It sounds like your version of Visual Studio is broken, I have never had such a problem. But if this is a constant issue then you can write all the code by hand, specifying the size and position of each control. Take a look at the actual source code in the Form.Designer.cs file.
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