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I want to develop a e-commerce website for a small organization or seller. This will be my first web project. The website will be accessible to everyone and transactions won't be happening on this website. As its a small organization the workload and traffic won't be much. So I need to choose a DB service provider for that. I want to make this happen on lowest budget possible ! I will be using ASP .NET and my preference for DB 1.SQL 2.Oracle

My Problem no. 1 : As I am a newbie, I am having trouble finding out best cost-effective option for the DB service provider to use for the website. Should I go for cloud(Amazon RDS or Azure or any other)? or Is there any free cloud DB is available ? or should I host database on Desktop PC or should I buy a separate server for hosting Database ?

My Problem no. 2 : IF I've decided to host my DB on separate Desktop PC as a server(TCP/IP) that other users can access from the website. what settings do I need to look at before publishing my website.

What I have tried:

I've looked at the AWS and Azure
but even the cheapest configuration is expensive to me :(
Updated 18-Jul-22 18:26pm
Dave Kreskowiak 18-Jul-22 11:28am    
Problem no. 0: Your first web project should not be one that handles real-world money. It's easy to get wrong, and you're opening yourself up to liability that can cost YOU a massive pile of fines and penalties.
Doomsday Apr2022 19-Jul-22 3:34am    
i won't be adding transaction part in this project. i updated my question now.
Dave Kreskowiak 19-Jul-22 12:02pm    
As for expanese, what's it going to cost you to keep a server PC running on your premises 24x7? Compare that to the monthly cost of whatever cloud service you're looking at.
Doomsday Apr2022 11-Sep-22 6:40am    
i have solved my problem. i have discarded my project now.

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