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I am trying to replace spaces in brackes with ","

for example:

"NIST 800-171A": ["3.11.2[a] 3.11.2 3.11.2[c] 3.11.2[d] 3.11.2[e] 3.11.3[a] 3.11.3"],
Will be:
"NIST 800-171A": ["3.11.2[a]","3.11.2","3.11.2[c]","3.11.2[d]","3.11.2[e]","3.11.3[a]","3.11.3"],

There are other spaces in the lines before and after the closed brackets, but I do not want other spaces in the line to be effected. and if the brackets do not contain spaces then nothing changes

Another approach, is to replace all spaces after a column, space , opening bracket which I think would be easier as follows:
: [

Thank you for your help in advance :)

What I have tried:

I tried many regex's using sed command, but my knowledge with sed is minimal.

A solution using Visual code studio would also work if possible.
Updated 29-Jan-23 19:34pm

1 solution

Since you mentioned sed:

In bash shell
$> echo ["2.11.2[a] 3.22.3[b] 4.33.4[c]"] | sed -E 's/ /\",\"/g'

If that works you might be able to redirect from a file line by line.
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