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I have a C# Desktop Application. when i make release its generated with setup file.
and i always need to setup the app first. and i don't need that step.any help ?

What I have tried:

all ways i've tried generate setup.exe file
Updated 27-Jun-22 21:26pm
Southmountain 28-Jun-22 10:33am    
what is your Windows version and .NET framework version?

If the user has already installed all of the prerequisites, then you can just copy the compiled executable and its supporting files to a folder on the target computer and run it.

If not, then you either have to provide a setup file, or you have to instruct the user on how to install the prerequisites.

Depending on the version of .NET you're using, you may be able to publish a "self contained" application:
Application publishing - .NET | Microsoft Docs[^]
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Member 15689284 28-Jun-22 3:25am    
what should be the prerequisites?
Richard Deeming 28-Jun-22 3:29am    
Whatever is required to run your application - the correct version of .NET, any third-party components that need to be installed, etc.

We can't tell you precisely what the prerequisites of your application are, because we have no access to the code.
To add to what Richard has said, the biggest problem may be your selection of .NET framework: Windows since Vista has included a version of the .NET framework, but if you have built your app to run with a later version than the OS default, you app cannot run at all without the correct version installed.

Since you probably don't know the OS version you will be running on, you would either have to select a "lower framework version" to run your app, or use a setup program which will ensure all necessary dependencies (including .NET) are preinstalled for you.

This may help: .NET Framework & Windows OS versions - .NET Framework | Microsoft Docs[^]
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