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I am new in VbScript, I have an assignment where I have to get the latest value in the timestamp using VbScript..
this is how it looks:

Value | Timestamp
0 | 06.06.2022 00:00:12
2 | 06.06.2022 00:10:00
0 | 06.06.2022 00:11:00
12| 06.06.2022 00:12:12
100 | 06.06.2022 00:12:50
Null/empty | 06.06.2022 00:13:50
Null/empty | 06.06.2022 00:13:51
Null/empty | 06.06.2022 00:13:52
Null/empty | 06.06.2022 00:13:53

I would like to have the latest value that was recorded. The 100.

Your help is much appriciated.

What I have tried:

I tried to do some research but could not find anything in particlar related to "lastValue"
Updated 6-Jun-22 23:48pm
Richard MacCutchan 7-Jun-22 3:11am    
Read the data (from wherever it is stored) item by item. Extract the timestamp field and convert it to a DateTime object, and add it to a list. It is then a simple matter to find the largest item in a list.
Member 13410460 7-Jun-22 3:21am    
Thank you for your reply, I also thought of that but that will bring the "biggest" value, I need the latst value, it could happen that the latest value wont be "bigger" then the rest..
Richard MacCutchan 7-Jun-22 3:32am    
Yes it will, since a DateTime value is a simple number of milliseconds since a fixed time in the past.
Member 13410460 7-Jun-22 3:36am    
hmm actually you are right, I check where is the "bigger" date which has the value and take that value and use it..
That is genius. Please write it as a solution so I can make it as "answered" :)
Richard MacCutchan 7-Jun-22 3:37am    
It's not really enough to be a solution. Just add "[Solved]" to the title of your question.

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