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1)Regarding testes
...a)pre-ganglionic sympathetic fibres of testes are derived from T10-T11 segmnents of spinal cord
...b)Rete testes is lined by cilliated columnar epithelium
...c)Efferent ductule is lined by flattend epithelium
...d)lymphatics of testes drain into pre-aortic and para-aortic lymph nodes
...e)Canal of epididymis is lined by flattend epithelium
2)Development of testes are derived from
...a)persistent mesonephric tubles
...b)pelvic part of urogental sinus
...c)surface of genital ridge
...d)splanchnic mesoderm
...e)elongation of genital tubercle

i want that program will take input from "..." one by one line

What I have tried:

its a flow sample

b = random.sample(coverings_testes_intrinsic_options,5)

def inp():
lines = ""
for i in range(5):
def call_1():
if len(a[0]) == 34:

if len(a) == 1:
for idx, word in enumerate(a,1):
print("{}){}".format(idx, word))
if idx == 1:
Updated 14-May-22 19:24pm

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