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how can an array, with its value intact be transferred from one function to another...?

What I have tried:

Step 1: First i created a class :- [ CrVw.cs]
Form containing okay button listbox combo box and AddTable button.
Step 2: In the form i just added the columns of the selected table to the
listbox selectedindexchanged event
step 3: In tthe AddTable button event
i selected the columns of the specified table in an array and displayed in a
msg box. Now how i will be able to transfer the content of the array to
another function... I did it thisway but without result
In the dataview.cs file
public void TransferViewData(string [,] args)
     string [,] colHead=null;
     int h=colhead.GetLength(1);

     for(int k=0;k<=5;k++)
         for(int i=1;i<=h+1;i++)
                  nint=1;   ///(nint is a variable declared before in the
                            /// code)
                   var str22=colHead[k,i];

}  // End of this block....

step 4: In the Form load event of DataView.cs
i called transferDataView(CrVw.str);
// str is a static string array of two dimensions which can hold the data
provided by the CrVw.cs AddTable button.
Note : error ArrayIndexOutOfBounds.....because CrVw.str is null....why...?
Updated 23-Apr-22 11:34am
PIEBALDconsult 24-Apr-22 13:06pm    
By reference.
Member 12712527 25-Apr-22 22:34pm    
Arrays are passed by reference....automatically...

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