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Goal: I'm trying to automate Canva.exe to create designs via GUI automation.

Specs: Spyder V5 (via anaconda) and Python 3.8 on Windows 11 Home OS

Problem: pywinauto is finding duplicate target values for the last 2 lines of my code (below) and giving me the error message (also included below).

import time
from pywinauto.application import Application 

CanvaWin = Application(backend='uia').connect(title='Canva', timeout=100) 

YP = CanvaWin.Canva.child_window(title="Your projects",control_type="Text").wrapper_object()

UP = CanvaWin.Canva.child_window(title="Uploader", control_type="Text").wrapper_object()

VT = CanvaWin.Canva.child_window(title="1 OF 2 More actions VideoTemplate Presentation", control_type="Button").wrapper_object()



ETT = CanvaWin.Canva.child_window(title="enter title", control_type="Text").wrapper_object()

Error Message:

ElementAmbiguousError: There are 2 elements that match the criteria {'title': 'enter title', 'control_type': 'Text', 'top_level_only': False, 'parent': <uia_element_info.UIAElementInfo - 'Canva', Chrome_WidgetWin_1, 198500>, 'backend': 'uia'}

What I have tried:

- Pywinauto documentation and help guides
- Started with a variety of google searches
- Checked other coding question forums (stack exchange, quora)
Updated 10-Apr-22 10:04am

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