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Sir, I need to know the methods and their arguments of the databases that are exposed to other programming softwares which helps in making a bridge between front-end and back-end softwares.
For example there are some methods of sqlexpress that are known to visual studio as well as java....
Not saying the methods residing in .net framework or of java...

What I have tried:

Nothing. Want to know about those methods...Please be kind to help...
Updated 8-Apr-22 4:07am

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No, you have the wrong idea - there are no methods which are common to both C#, C++, or VB that are also common to Java: they use different frameworks and so different methods, objects, and parameters.
They share similar names and terminology because that is common to the "DB acc ess" description: Connections, Commands, Readers, Adapters - and of course the SQL code itself - but all they do is pass your request to the DB engine which processes the SQL statements and passes the results back.

You can't write one piece of code which will work in all languages with minor tweaks for syntax!
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Member 12712527 8-Apr-22 10:16am    
Sir suppose i use c#. Do i have to take help of System.Data and etc present in the .net framework. So sir if I develop a language which connects to sqlexpress then only option for me is System.Data. Or other methods available...
OriginalGriff 8-Apr-22 10:55am    
Unless you want to completely reinvent the wheel, yes - pretty much.
Member 12712527 8-Apr-22 11:08am    
sir nicest answer....Re-inventing the wheel.....
sir if you give me more information regarding this matter then i'll make custom method to connect sqlexpress.
Maciej Los 8-Apr-22 11:12am    
Member 12712527 8-Apr-22 11:12am    
I've an idea.... One who prepares virus is able to do that work quite easily...

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