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I know that if I just remove the quote signs, it'll multiply, but if the * is a string, how do I multiply? This is related to a project of mine, and I'm very new to python.

What I have tried:

I don't even know what to try because it's a python built function
Updated 5-Apr-22 21:47pm

You don't, because you're mixing types and assuming that the result will be useful - it won't any more than adding two mobile phone numbers together produces a useful phone number.

What you can do is convert the whole thing to a string and use the Python eval()[^] function to execute it:
x =  str(2) + '*' + str(4)
print (x)
print (eval(x))
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CPallini 6-Apr-22 2:07am    
Do you mean something like:
answer = 0
operator = '*'
operand1 = 10
operand2 = 12
if operator == '*':
    answer = operand1 * operand2
elif operator == '+':
    answer = operand1 + operand2
# etc.
    print('invalid operator')
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