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I just started opencv
I converted a picture into a text file with opencv and I want to compare the similarities with the code with the ready text file I have, how can I code it? can anyone help?

What I have tried:

I did some research but couldn't come to a conclusion. Thank you in advance to those who will help.
Updated 4-Apr-22 22:51pm

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Don't even think about it.

"Similarities" in an image are complicated enough: a shade off, a slight change in size or alignment, a small rotation - these are difficult enough for a computer to spot in an actual picture: image similarity python - Google Search[^]
But converted to text? once you do that, you have no real idea even what shape the image was, much less what format the data might have been (and a JPG file content will be very different from a Bitmap or PNG file!).

Follow a few of those links, and use the packages to compare actual images, not a text "representation".
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CPallini 5-Apr-22 6:36am    
Member 15590963 6-Apr-22 6:57am    
I realized that I didn't ask the question clearly enough. I want to make a classic question reading system with opencv. It gets high marks as long as there are similar words, but I don't know how to check the correctness of the sentences.

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