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Dear Friends ,

I need a help from you all expert , I could not find answer in google and other forum

Question : How do I see the calls request response in case of Windows Application (not web)

Pls read this objective , So you can help me if possibe

I am not a developer , but I need to Debug code for testing , more then manual testing ,sort of white box tester . .
You see in case of Web Application , All I do is Press F12, How if I have to make a fair guess on application internals or how its developed , I can observe the API Calls , in the api call header i can easily see what is the request and what is the response , Similarly if its GraphAPI calls I can also get fair understanding.
Now if I need to learn more , I can simply copy the api call name and search in my Code base to understand more .

Now, I have been move to a new project which is completely Windows desktop Application built using WPF and UWP -> I have no idea on how to debug trace flow logic of Windows application .

Now Debug here I mean not the usual Breakpoint debugging that developer do by running in local host.; But tracing the flow of application .

My need :***
**** I want to be able to do some action in the windows desktop application and then see what is the communication between my action in windows app vs what is being send and what is the response , Some sort of F12 -> seeing API request response.

Can you guys pls help me out how do I do the F12 , reqeust response alternative of web application in case of [microsoft windows application]

I am really struggling with this because I need to trace UI action till the code logics , I tried Fiddler, WireShark -I don't see anything for windows applicaiton ( like I see in case of - Web applicaiton )

Please note : I DO NOT want to run the .net net solution in local host to do this , just like in case of Web app- I can find the api call name from f12 request response and then I can search the api details in Code and trace through , I need to be able to do the same.

Please help

What I have tried:

Google, youtube , Fiddler, WireShark
Updated 11-Mar-22 13:53pm

Maybe you can use the prefix[^] profiler tool.
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Richard Deeming 7-Mar-22 4:27am    
That looks like a web profiler. The question specifically asked about "(not web)" applications.

Also, I can't find a link to the actual product on that page. But given it's a "freemium" product, linking directly to the product could possibly be seen as spam. :)
RickZeeland 7-Mar-22 7:31am    
It could be that your spam blocker does not trust the redirect to the webpage (Slant earns money this way I assume), on the Prefix page it states that it supports .NET and also other languages like Java, Python etc.
But as I never used it, I can not tell for sure ...
If it uses a database to store info, most DB engines have a way to trace calls to the DB and see the results returned. Ask one of developers about the DB.
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