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I am writing an app to create recurring events in outlook for a specific calendar, which may or may not be the default calendar.

If you are in outlook and right click on a calendar day, you have the option to select "New Recurring Event". I have searched the internet for days and can not find anything that shows how to create a recurring event. Found how to create the appointment, but not the event - I hope I did not read something

I am kinda new at this, but I want to learn more :)


What I have tried:

I have tried the following, which creates an appointment, not an event:

Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.Application outlookApplication = GetApplicationObject();
                my_Account = (Account)GetAccountForEmailAddress(outlookApplication, DefaultEmailAddress);
                newAppointment = (AppointmentItem)my_Account.Application.CreateItem(OlItemType.olAppointmentItem);

                recurrencePattern = newAppointment.GetRecurrencePattern();
                recurrencePattern.RecurrenceType = OlRecurrenceType.olRecursYearly;
                recurrencePattern.PatternStartDate = dtStartDate; // new DateTime(2015, 01, 13);
                recurrencePattern.PatternEndDate = dtEndDate; // new DateTime(2015, 03, 20);
                recurrencePattern.StartTime = dtStartTime; 
                recurrencePattern.EndTime = dtEndTime;
                recurrencePattern.MonthOfYear = dtStartDate.Month;
                recurrencePattern.DayOfMonth = dtStartDate.Day;
                recurrencePattern.NoEndDate = true;
                recurrencePattern.Duration = 1440;
                newAppointment.Categories = strCategory;
                newAppointment.Start = dtStartDate;
                newAppointment.End = dtEndDate;
                newAppointment.Location = strLocation;
                newAppointment.Body = strBody;
                newAppointment.AllDayEvent = blAllDayEvent;
                newAppointment.ReminderSet = blReminder;
                newAppointment.ReminderMinutesBeforeStart = intMinutes;
                newAppointment.Subject = strSubject;
                newAppointment.MeetingStatus = OlMeetingStatus.olMeeting;
Updated 28-Feb-22 8:28am

An event is just an appointment with "All Day" selected rather than a specific time interval. The AppointmentItem.AllDayEvent property is a boolean.
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thank you - that is correct, example below that worked out:

public static void Test(MAPIFolder myCalendar)
AppointmentItem appt = myCalendar.Items.Add(OlItemType.olAppointmentItem) as AppointmentItem;

appt.Subject = "Test Event";
appt.Body = "Testing";
appt.AllDayEvent = true;

RecurrencePattern pattern = appt.GetRecurrencePattern();
pattern.RecurrenceType = OlRecurrenceType.olRecursYearly;

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