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Hi , Friends

WM_COPYDATA , Copy the text into another app ? Or Can we use instead of SetWindowText

SendMessageA 0,&H4A,wparam,Byval cds

the above just returen False And True Value not copy text

What I have tried:

With cds
End With

SendMessageA hwnd,WM_SETTEXT,0,Byval cds

no Sent The String
Richard MacCutchan 27-Jan-22 10:31am    
It looks like you are trying to send Unicode data by an ASCII method. But I get the feeling that you could do things much easier by sticking to VB.NET and avoiding all these internal Windows functions and messages.
[no name] 27-Jan-22 11:27am    
the string is "123/67Xb" but return null
Richard MacCutchan 27-Jan-22 11:34am    
You cannot pass a COPYSTRUCT to WM_SETTEXT, it requires a string. You also cannot send Unicode text when using SendMessageA. You must either use an ASCII string or use SendMessageW. All of the information required by these functions is documented in MSDN at Windows and Messages - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs[^],
which is the place to check that you are following the correct procedures.

But as I suggested above, you could most likely solve your problem quicker by using the proper .NET controls.

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