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am using this code to read data but sometimes Access file Hange and i have to use Task Manager to close app

Input #1,St
Debug.Print Left(St,Len(St)+2)

i could not set the length of string to including all character was recieved maybe data was 20 Len Maybe 64 Or More

What I have tried:

nothing to do confused really maybe i m goinig on wrong way
Updated 12-Jan-22 8:17am
CHill60 4-Jan-22 8:15am    
If Access is hanging then this must be in a loop? Share all of the relevant code.

if you are looking to get input from user for example, you can use this method that ask user name:
Sub Test()
Dim strTemp As String
strTemp = InputBox("Please enter your Name", "Enter Name", "")

If Len(strTemp) > 0 Then
MsgBox "Your name is:" & strTemp
MsgBox "No name provided"
End If
End Sub
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if you want to read from file line by line use this method:
Sub ReadFromTextFile()
Dim intFile As Integer, strFile As String, strText As String, strInput As String
intFile = FreeFile()
strFile = "C:\mydocs\myTest.txt" '<
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CHill60 13-Jan-22 4:32am    
This is incomplete - and should have been added to your original solution not posted as another one. Posting multiple solutions just confuses matters - which one is intended to be a solution. If you need clarification on the question then use the "Have a Question or Comment?" link instead

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