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I have dynamically created a panel with multiple textboxes and checkboxes within it.
This panel gets added to a flow layout panel where there are multiple other panels just like it. At run time the user can add and remove these panels as needed.
The way that I am now getting and setting the controls is extremely inefficient.
This form pulls from many data sources. SQL connections, postgres connections,datatables. There has to be a better way.

I think I have two options. Create a custom control or inherit from panel

However, I have been at it for a few days and I cant seem to be able to create those in a way that allows me to just reference the inner controls i.e. textboxHours.Text = "hello";

please see image of control here


What I have tried:

Sometimes I can do controls.find which helps a little, but most of the time find myself looping through the entire flowlayout panel and matching a string.
Updated 6-Dec-21 19:29pm

1 solution

Even if you create a UserControl - and that's probably the way I would go if you need more than one panel with the same control set on it - you will have to find the appropriate "container" each time you want to access it.

So what I'd do is create a collection of Panel (or MyUserControl) objects and each time I add one to my form, I'd add it to the collection. If you use a Dictionary with a string Key, you can move directly to the relevant control just using teh string you are currently searching for.
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