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Lets say I have a sensor class manager (SensorServer).
Inside that class I have an event that helps me receive status changes regarding the sensor:
public event OnSensorStatus OnSensorStatusEvent;

In my view model (EventsMgr.cs), I create an instance of SensorServer and register for this event:
Server = new SensorServer();
Server.OnSensorStatusEvent += Srv_OnSensorStatusEvent;

Whenever an event occurs, the code goes into the following method:
private void Srv_OnSensorStatusEvent(SensorStatus sensorStatus)
    //Here I want to call: 
	//var task = Server.GetSensorById(sensorStatus.Id);      
	//And when the task completed I want to call a callback method           

Inside the event, the SensorStatus contains an ID with which I can obtain the event-related sensor by calling the following asynchronous method inside SensorServer:
public async Task<Sensor> GetSensorById(Guid id)
await Task.Delay(_random.Next(_maxDelayForGetSensor));           
return _sensors.FirstOrDefault(sensor => sensor.Id == id);

My question is this:
The events happen every 200 milliseconds or so and I wanted to know what is the best way to operate it? My goal is to call GetSensorById every time the event happens (in a separate thread) and when a reply comes back access the callback with the response.
I need each call to be handled individually.
I cannot change anything inside the SensorServer.cs.

What I have tried:

Updated 23-Nov-21 1:39am

1 solution

//add 'async' to the method declaration
private async void Srv_OnSensorStatusEvent(SensorStatus sensorStatus)
    //await for the asynchronous method to complete and unwrap the Task<Sensor>
    //that is returned from the 'Server.GetSensorById' method
	Sensor sensor= await Server.GetSensorById(sensorStatus.Id);      
	//enter code that uses the returned Sensor instance sensor       
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