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I need to get the xml output using some vbscript code using test/source excel.
Vbscript code.
Dim fso,oExcel,wb,ws
' Create Scripting filesystemobject
Set fso = WScript.Createobject("Scripting.Filesystemobject")
' Create Excel application object
Set oExcel = WScript.Createobject("Excel.Application")
oExcel.Visible = True


' Create a new xml basic syntax into created Xml file
Set XmlFile=fso.CreateTextFile(Work_path&"\Sample.xml",True,True)

' Write some xml basic syntax into created Xml file
XmlFile.Write("<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""utf-8""?>"&vbNewLine)

' Open the excel from specified path
Set wb=oExcel.Workbooks.Open(Work_path&"\Sample.xlsx")
Set ws=wb.Sheets(1)
Row_count=ws.UsedRange.Columns.count 'Given the used rows count of sheet

XmlFile.Write("<asset class=""data_file"" repr=""Sample.xlsx"" ID=""a101"">"&vbNewLine)
    XmlFile.Write("<attribute name=""name"" value=""Sample.xlsx""/>"&vbNewLine)
    XmlFile.Write("<attribute name=""path"" tag=""true"" value=""/people""/>"&vbNewLine)
    XmlFile.Write("<reference name=""parent folder or host"" assetIDs=""a100""/>"&vbNewLine)

XmlFile.Write("<asset class=""data_file_record"" repr=""Sample"" ID=""a102"">"&vbNewLine)
    XmlFile.Write("<attribute name=""name"" value=""Sample""/>"&vbNewLine)
    XmlFile.Write("<reference name=""data_file"" assetIDs=""a101""/>"&vbNewLine)
For i=1 To Row_count
XmlFile.Write("<asset class=""data_file_field"" repr=""X1"" ID=""a103"">"&vbNewLine)
    X1=ws.cells(1,i).value 'Read the 1st row each column one by one
    XmlFile.Write("<attribute name=""name"" value=""X1""/>"&vbNewLine)
    XmlFile.Write("<reference name=""data_file_record"" assetIDs=""a102""/>"&vbNewLine)
wb.close 'Close the opened workbook
oExcel.Quit 'Quit Excel Application object and release the excel object

What I have tried:

My expected output.

<asset class="data_file" repr="Sample.xlsx" id="a101">
<attribute name="name" value="Sample.xlsx">
<attribute name="path" tag="true" value="/people">
<reference name="parent folder or host" assetids="a100">

<asset class="data_file_record" repr="Sample" id="a102">
<attribute name="name" value="Sample">
<reference name="data_file" assetids="a101">

<asset class="data_file_field" repr="X1" id="a103">
<attribute name="name" value="X1">
<reference name="data_file_record" assetids="a102">

<asset class="data_file_field" repr="X2" id="a104">
<attribute name="name" value="X2">
<reference name="data_file_record" assetids="a102">

<asset class="data_file_field" repr="X3" id="a105">
<attribute name="name" value="X3">
<reference name="data_file_record" assetids="a102">

<asset class="data_file_field" repr="X4" id="a106">
<attribute name="name" value="X4">
<reference name="data_file_record" assetids="a102">

<asset class="data_file_field" repr="X5" id="a107">
<attribute name="name" value="X5">
<reference name="data_file_record" assetids="a102">

<asset class="data_file_field" repr="X6" id="a108">
<attribute name="name" value="X6">
<reference name="data_file_record" assetids="a102">
Updated 3-Nov-21 2:51am
CHill60 3-Nov-21 5:44am    
So what actually happens when you run your script?

1 solution

Without your sample data it's impossible to determine if this is the only error, however this line is incorrect
Row_count=ws.UsedRange.Columns.count 'Given the used rows count of sheet
Based on the name of the variable and the comment on that line it should be
Row_count=ws.UsedRange.Rows.count 'Given the used rows count of sheet
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