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I want to create a 2D array data with 100 row and 100 column in which every cell would be a float number between 0 and 10 randomly generated, store row by row. After that implement selection and range queries on it.

What I have tried:

I have done nothing much. just got confused about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Updated 27-Oct-21 11:42am
jeron1 27-Oct-21 12:28pm    
I think you're missing a couple of exclamation points. :-|

You can declare the array thus:
float floatArray[100][100];

The array is indexed by expressions of the form floatArray[row][col], where row and col are integer offsets between 0 and 99. You can use srand/rand to generate random numbers.
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I use this function to generate random values :
// obtain a random value scaled to be within limits

template< typename T >
inline T GetRandomValue( T minval, T maxval )
	return ( rand() * ( maxval - minval ) / (T) RAND_MAX ) + minval;
Converting that to a non-template function, it can look like this :
// obtain a random value scaled to be within limits

inline float GetRandomValue( float minval, float maxval )
	return ( rand() * ( maxval - minval ) / (float) RAND_MAX ) + minval;
then you can call it like this :
float value = GetRandomValue( 0.0f, 10.0f );

Remember to seed the PRNG with srand. Here is one way :
short seed = short( time(NULL) % RAND_MAX );
srand( seed );
for a unique sequence almost every time. Seed it with the same value for a repeatable sequence, preferably a prime number like 43.
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