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I want to make the links in my navbar have an active class when you scroll into the corresponding section.

The code below was working just fine until I implemented a smooth scroll/parallax library which removes the scroll event.

Here's a codepen. If you uncomment the locomotive portion in the JS, the code no longer works. How can I make it work?

Here's a snippet of the code:

const sections = document.querySelectorAll("section");
const navLinks = document.querySelectorAll("nav a");

window.addEventListener("scroll", function () {
  let navbar = document.querySelector("nav");
  let current = "";
  sections.forEach(function (section) {
    const sectionTop = section.offsetTop;
    const sectionHeight = section.clientHeight;
    if (scrollY >= sectionTop - sectionHeight / 3) {
      current = `#${section.getAttribute("id")}`;
    navLinks.forEach(function (each) {
      // add/remove active class
      if (each.getAttribute("href") == current) {

What I have tried:

I tried making the code work using the wheel event, tried seeing if there was anything similar to scrollY for wheel events but I couldn't find anything.

Any ideas on how I could implement this feature? It can be different from the implementation I had before
Updated 15-Sep-21 23:47pm
Richard Deeming 16-Sep-21 3:48am    
Looks like you've already got your answer on StackOverflow:
javascript - Make navbar link active on wheel event rather than scroll? - Stack Overflow[^]
Fernanda Azevedo 16-Sep-21 5:00am    
No, the answer there doesn't answer my question. As I said, I've already tried wheel event but it doesn't work because I was using "ScrollY" and that doesn't exist in wheel events

1 solution

Try using an IntersectionObserver instead:
const navLinks = document.querySelectorAll("nav a");

const updateNav = (entries, observer) => {
    const matchingIds = entries.filter(e => e.isIntersecting).map(e => `#${}`);
    if (matchingIds.length !== 0) {
        const current = matchingIds[0];
        navLinks.forEach(function(link) {
            if (link.getAttribute("href") == current) {

const options = {
    root: null,
    rootMargin: "0px",
    threshold: 0.66

const observer = new IntersectionObserver(updateNav, options);
document.querySelectorAll("*[data-scroll-section]").forEach(el => observer.observe(el));
Intersection Observer API - Web APIs | MDN[^]
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