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I want


to be something like:


And then a language is returned as a string maybe, as I want to categorize dozens of voices that the user may have into categories based on their language, I want

To return:
"English - United States"
"Arabic-Saudi Arabia"

So what should I use instead of "Language"?

And what if I want to know if it's a voice of a male or a female?

What I have tried:

SpObjectTokenCategory otc = new SpObjectTokenCategory();


            ISpeechObjectTokens tokenEnum = otc.EnumerateTokens();


            foreach (SpeechLib.ISpeechObjectToken v in tokenEnum)
                string s = v.GetDescription();// thid doesn't always return the language sometimes only the name of the voice
                string a = v.GetAttribute(/*what here?*/);
Updated 21-Aug-21 3:04am
Gerry Schmitz 21-Aug-21 13:04pm    
Get the default (speech) voice. Voice properties include gender, etc.
john1990_1 21-Aug-21 13:12pm    
Thx but this is for:
System.Speech.Synthesis speechsynthesizer
Not for
Speechlib SpVoice

I would have to change all of my program, is there an easier way for me?
Gerry Schmitz 22-Aug-21 12:16pm    
Same thing. Yours is the "assembler" version.

You started out difficult; and continue with difficult.
john1990_1 22-Aug-21 12:41pm    
You mean it's better that I switch to:
"System.Speech.Synthesis speechsynthesizer"
instead of:
"Speechlib SpVoice",
Will I have to change a lot in my program or it's basically the same code?

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