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I have two API created in .net core 3.1 (lets say api A & api B) api A will call api B and merging 2 out put.But when call, I am getting :"Error:: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.: Error Executing C# Script"

so as I said I have 2 apis are running different port api A and api B.

I need to get the result from api A to api B. so In my api a has the combination of api A and api B. I am using the same request for both.

the problem is when I call a external api call to api B from api B. But it works when I run api B only. I don't understand the issue

What I have tried:

in api B
public async Task GetKeyData(string key){
    string dataKey = string.Empty;
    var requestUri = string.Format("{0}/{1}", _KeyUri, key);
    HttpClient client = new HttpClient(new HttpClientHandler() { 
        UseDefaultCredentials = true });
    var rawData = await client.GetAsync(requestUri);
    // below  line are getting error when i call from api A to this 
    var jsonResponse = await rawData.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();//error showing here
    string value = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(jsonResponse);
     //balance code

What mistake I am doing here?
Updated 23-Jun-21 22:25pm
Member 15263415 26-Jun-21 5:27am    
var jsonResponse = await rawData.Content.ReadAsStringAsync(); cheeck this code

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