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Hello, for my project i need to know how to read files from an iso optical disk image.
i already browsed the web but there are not many sources available.
ive read the folowing articles:
ISO 9660 - OSDev Wiki[^][^]

from what i understand to read a file from the iso i have to do the folowing steps

1: read the primary volume descriptor and locate the root dir entry
2: go to the lba what the root directory entry describes
3: this is the point where im stuck!!!!

when i go to the lba adress which the root directory entry describes there is a lot of data which doesnt make sense according to the structure.

long story short: can someone give me some tips (and maybe example) how to read the directory hiearchy of an iso image.

sorry for bad english but is not my primary language.

What I have tried:

Reading a lot
getting frustrated a lot
Reading an iso in an binary editor
Updated 27-May-21 6:26am

The easier way is to mount the ISO files as a virtual disk and read it as a normal volumen from there: How to mount an ISO image in Windows 10 - eMexo Technologies[^]
You can run powershell from the system function: c++ - How to call a powershell script from a C code - Stack Overflow[^] that's C++, but it should work much the same in C.

Loads, easier than deciphering ISO volumes which would pretty much require you to implement a full sector-by-sector disk reader!
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There is not space or time here to answer such a question. You need to get hold of the technical specification for ISO files and study it in details. Wikipedia has many references, see ISO 9660 - Wikipedia[^].
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