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I have a .csv file with hundreds of rows needing a comma added to the end of each row and remove the double quote near the beginning of the row. Is this possible in C#?:

"Linda Thorne -15076",297,153,53.54,35.03,6.19,5.24:50,00:18:30,05:52:49,67,297,22.56,100
"Gabriella Correa -15047",100,47,41.3,39,00:51:06,00:22:07,00:03:37,02:10:53,53,100,53,100
"Clarissa Thomas -15120",137,106,45.88,50:54,00:39:18,00:21:47,03:26:56,28,137,20.44,100

What I have tried:

This is part of an SSIS package that uses a For Each Loop Container and loads 14 .csv files and I've tried some C# Script but nothing works and I'm new to C#.
Updated 11-May-21 11:58am

1 solution

Yes, it's pretty simple - just ignore that "it's csv" and treat it as a text file.
Read all the lines using File.ReadAllLines, then use string.Trim('"') on each line, before appending the comma and either rewriting the file or handling it as a stream.

But ... if you remove the double quotes and add a comma, it won't parse as "normal CSV" - the double quotes delimit the first column data so it can contain commas if necessary, and the lack of a comma at the end of the line indicates the end of the row.
Your changes will render it unreadable as CSV data!
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