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I have text file processed output from Cpus programs. This text file I want to convert to local languages say telugu, hindi etc., Is there a solution for this.

What I have tried:

I tried in cplus program itself using wchar_t and wstring, but output on a file is not forming in local language.
Updated 29-Apr-21 23:38pm
Richard MacCutchan 30-Apr-21 3:40am    
You cannot convert one language to another just by changing the character encoding. It needs to be translated first.

1 solution

As Richard has pointed out - you need to translate the document not just change the encoding.

Google Translate is available as an API - Cloud Translation Google Cloud[^] but it is not free (nor particularly expensive)

There are other similar services available e.g. Top 14+ Google Translate API Alternatives (Free API Keys for Developers)[^]
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Richard MacCutchan 30-Apr-21 6:50am    
I do wonder if the question lacks some essential detail, as I find it difficult to believe anyone over the age of five could think that is the way to do it.
CHill60 30-Apr-21 7:03am    
I agree. It could be that the text is already in the correct language and encoding but they are opening it using Notepad. (<< I have recently had the pleasure of arguing this very point with the "Technical Support" team of a major company. "Don't use Notepad to open the file" is my new mantra)
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Apr-21 10:02am    
Have you met some users? :laugh:
Richard MacCutchan 30-Apr-21 11:07am    
Oh yes, and some programmers(so called). :)
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Apr-21 12:35pm    
:laugh: True

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